Programming in C++

This program aims at building skills on how to develop applications, using object-oriented techniques in C++ Programming language.

Any student willing to learn and start coding can enroll for this course. Students having some basic computer knowledge and willing to write code can learn C, C++ just after completing 10th, 12th grade. Undergraduates and Graduates looking to make their career in C/C++ can join NIIT Panvel and take their first step toward development.

Eligibility Criteria

Any student willing to learn and start coding can enrol for this course.


After completion of the course and passing the internal exams, students will be rewarded with certificates which will add up to your resumes.

Career Opportunities


Software Programmer 

C Programmer 

Course Contents

Write and execute C++ programs

Use arrays and structures

Implement encapsulation and abstraction

Use operators and decision-making constructs

Work with arrays

Implement polymorphism and inheritance

Use exception handling and templates

Implement linked lists

File Input and Output



participants should have knowledge of Building flowcharts and writing pseudo code
comfort working in a windows environment knowledge of using editors

Exit Profile

Object Oriented Application Developler

profile details

candidate will become an Object Oriented Application Developer, capable of developing Object oriented application. client server applications using C++ programming language.

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